Boy’s Best Friend: Stray Dog Guards Missing Toddler Until His Father Finds Him

Dogs have been by our side ever since ancient humans and wolves began sharing food thousands of years ago. Since then dogs have been bred for intelligence and loyalty (along with traits like short tails or floppy ears) which is, of course, how they got the nickname “man’s best friend.”

That loyalty paid off once again in a heartwarming story out of St. Louis where a missing child was kept safe by a new four-legged friend until he could be found.

According to FOX-2 Now Kh’amorion Taylor, who’s just a toddler, wandered away from his St. Louis home on Thursday morning wearing only his pajamas. It was obviously a matter of grave concern as the young boy was lost and alone in the city. But it turns out that Taylor wasn’t alone for long because he quickly found a friend in the form of a stray pit bull who stayed by the boys side for the entire ordeal.

He had some human assistance as well: A concerned neighbor found the lost child and knocked on doors for hours in an effort to locate the child’s parents. Taylor’s father then saw a post on social media and the two were reunited.

Apparently the dog who guarded the youngster as he wandered the neighborhood did a good job keeping him safe. According to the good Samaritan neighbor who found Taylor:

“He looked well taken care of, he was very neat, very clean; he just didn’t have the shoes on.”

Though he may not fully understand the incident he was involved in, the toddler reportedly enjoyed meeting his canine guardian.

According to FOX-2 Now:

“Taylor said he really liked that pit bull who was like a guard for him. He kept saying “puppy” while he was being reunited with his dad.”

FOX says the dog’s heroic actions may have even earned it the best possible reward: The police department is considering adopting the pup.



Written by Stefan

Writer and middle school limbo champ.