If She Can Do It So Can You: 102-Year-Old Woman Casts Her Vote In The 2020 Presidential Election

A former Chicago public school teacher named Bea Lumpkin is 102-years-old and she took herself to the vote in this year’s presidential election, so there really is no excuse not to vote. Lumpkin made it to cast her ballot, dressed head to toe in personal protective equipment and dropped her ballot off because she’s voting for as long as she’s been eligible.

Although she’s at high risk for catching the novel coronavirus, she still made it out to vote and is urging everyone who can, to go vote. Lumpkin told CNN that this is the most important election she’s ever participated in. “The most important reason to vote in this election is that there’s so much at stake, more than any other vote I’ve cast, because of the great challenge to the survival of our democracy,” she said.

There are multiple causes that are important to Bea but some include climate change, racism, health care. She tells CNN that she wants to see a change in the policing system – ending racism and brutality. But she also cares about climate change because she wildfires have burned down her son’s home. Lumpkin tells America to be wary of climate catastrophe to come if radical changes aren’t made.

Bea is also very over this pandemic and the way the president has been handling the response to it. “I’m sick and tired of this pandemic, and we’ll never get rid of it unless we follow the experience of so many other countries, of the advice of science.”

She jokes that the thing she wants most is a haircut. “I wear my hair short, and it’s so long now,” she said, “It’s going down my back!”

But in all seriousness, she wants to remind people of the importance of this election. “There’s a possibility of correcting so many of the wrongs if we have an overwhelming vote for our democratic rights,” she told CNN, “We don’t want to just restore what we had before. And people who aren’t interested in voting usually think it’s not going to make a difference. And this time it can make such a big difference, not only in preventing the loss of the freedoms that we do have … but we can gain so much. There’s so much good in people that could come out if it had the chance.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II