Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork: Man Tricks Pigeons Into Creating Art By Feeding Them

A man videotaped himself strategically feeding pigeons in a way that places them to create simple pieces of art.

In the time-lapse video, he can be seen rolling his cart to certain places and putting food down so the birds will stand in a certain formation long enough to create a picture.

To pull off this incredible feat takes time and patience, especially with hundreds of birds flocking around — not to mention the stray turkey that decided to join the party. He had to be very methodical about this.

He started out with framing the head and placing the food to be in a perfect circle. Then, he decided to do the face and give the drawing some personality.

After that, he made created the body with just a straight line and moved on the legs but made his drawing look like it was jumping with the ball. As the birds are moving around the turkey is starting to look like a fish out of water. But some users on Reddit also pointed out that there might be some chickens in the mix.

He’s able to keep the birds in strategically placed flock long enough to finish his masterpiece as he begins to get work on the arms and ball that his stick-figure is holding.

It may seem like a simple drawing but considering he had to wrangle these birds to stay in a formation for a long while, it’s definitely no easy feat.

But we’re glad he managed to get it done so he could share this creative masterpiece with the world.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II