This Seal Celebrated His 31st Birthday With A Giant Fish “Cake”

grey seal with fish cake

Everyone deserves to celebrate their one special day a year, and that includes seals. This 31-year-old seal celebrated in the most seal way possible: a giant ice fish cake all to himself.

Yulelogs (great name or the greatest name?) is a grey seal who lives at Cornish Seal Sanctuary in the United Kingdom. On average, the sanctuary rehabilitates more than 70 grey seal pups per year with the goal of releasing them back into the wild once they reach full health.

Yulelogs is one of many grey seals at the sanctuary that is a permanent resident. seal with ice cake

An animal becomes a permanent resident at a sanctuary when their condition no longer allows them to live in their natural habitat safely. And being a permanent resident often gets you special perks, like Yulelogs found out on his 31st birthday.

Yulelogs’ story goes back to 1989, when he was at a marine park as a pup. When the park closed, he was released into the wild.

Being born and raised in captivity, however, Yulelogs had no idea how to be a wild animal.

He would chase people on the beaches, thinking they were trainers carrying buckets of fish. He was so comfortable being around humans that he had no idea how to feed himself. A typical grey seal weights 551 pounds and when Yulelogs arrived at Cornish Seal Sanctuary, he only weighed 132 pounds.

Now Yulelogs is healthy, happy and in no short supply of fish.

grey seal with ice fish cake

For his 31st birthday, Yulelogs received an ice cake filled with fish.

grey seal with ice fish cake

According to Georgina Shannon, the marketing and media coordinator for Cornish Seal Sanctuary, the cake is a great enrichment tool. Yulelogs has some critical thinking he has to do to get those fish out of the ice.


Written by Lindsay Patton