Elderly Couple’s Tearful Plea Goes Viral And People Flock To Their Food Shop To Help

A video of an elderly Indian couple selling food from a tiny kiosk in South Dehli went viral as the shop owner sheds some tears about financial woes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. As the video began to gain thousands of retweets and likes, the line for his kiosk grew longer and longer.

The video was captured by a food blogger and Twitter user, @VasundharaTankh, posted it with the caption “This video completely broke my heart,” telling people to go eat at Baba ka Dhaba in Malviya Nagar, the couple’s shop. Soon after posting, her tweet saw over 100,000 likes, over 50,000 retweets as well as 3.9 million views and counting. 

People around the world rallied for these people and got the attention of big Indian celebrities like actor Sonam Kapoor, food delivery app Zomato, cricket player  R Ashwin and so many others. As the lines began to grow, so did the couple’s appreciation.

“We are very happy with the number of customers that are turning up now. We are grateful for the public support,” shop owner Kanta Prasad. His wife chimed in to say, “During the lockdown months we could not sell anything. We struggled to survive but today we are flooded with customers. We want to give our blessings to all those who helped us.”

Prasad couldn’t hold back his smile as he was photographed yesterday when business was still picking up. “It feels like the whole of India is with us,” he told a news agency.

One Twitter user said, “I am sure today #BabaKaDhaba will have more visitors than any other restaurant in Delhi. I don’t know about the money, but Baba will definitely need a waiter this week.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II