People Love That Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Menswear Collection Is For Big Fellas Too

Rihanna has garnered worldwide praise for her Savage X Fenty brand and its strides towards inclusivity for women of all sizes and shapes. But with the rollout of her second fashion show on Amazon Prime Video, she included her menswear with men wearing sizes up to XXXL.

As the menswear collection officially dropped online, people were quick to share their praise of the wide range of sizes online. 

“I just realized I have never seen a male model with a body type close to mine that wasn’t there as a joke. Seeing this made me really happy. They even kept the stretch marks,” one person commented.

The collaboration for the men’s line was done with P. Diddy’s son, Christian Combs and he mentions the first time he spoke with Rihanna was 11 years ago when he was 11. 

“I only told the most special friends that I had Rihanna on the line,” Combs told Coveteur, “I had to pull up on her, I needed to shoot my shot.” Rihanna was 19 at the time, so obviously nothing came of it at the time and the two stayed friends. When she decided to create a men’s line, she enlisted Combs to help her.

He told Coveteur about why he eccentric colors, “Men’s fashion needs to be more diverse. We want to be able to express ourselves and have more freedom. Men just don’t feel free in their clothes. I recently found myself in the women’s aisle looking for a jacket because there was just more color. It’s all about how you pull it off.”

Rihanna has always been a champion for inclusivity since her first commercial venture with Fenty Beauty and it included 40 different shades of foundation, giving women with skin types that are often overlooked and not given the representation. With her men’s line, she wanted to give men the opportunity to feel seen in the same way.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II