Boy Walks Over 1,000 Miles From Sicily To London To See His Grandma Raising Money For Refugees Along The Way

11-year-old Romeo Cox had not been able to see his grandma because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and travel had been made much harder as planes were grounded. So, he set out to walk over 1,000 miles to his grandma’s house in London from his home in Sicily and raised money for refugees along the way.

When he found out he couldn’t go visit his grandma, he convinced his dad Phil to walk the entire way. The dad and son duo started their adventure on June 20 and made their way through Italy, Switzerland and France, finally reaching London by September 21. Along the way, they camped under the stars and even tamed a wild donkey.

He also started this journey for a good cause. The link in his bio on Instagram takes users to a donation page for his big journey. “I’m walking 2800km to support refugees my age for REFUGEE EDUCATION ACROSS CONFLICTS TRUST because we should all get an equal chance to study & live!”

“If you support me, this money will also go to buy 50 tablets and wifi connection for refugee and local disadvantaged kids to use and share,” the description reads, “I  know that some kids my age and older here in Palermo have missed out on all the study during lock-down because they cannot get online for the lessons and already find themselves excluded and missing out.  Being able to learn online and have digital learning is important!” His campaign raised over $19,000.

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When he finally reached London, he said two had a “great hug” and that he “really missed her.”

He also documented his trip on his Instagram with photos of his dad and himself, followers can see the infamous wild donkey they tamed and some of the sights they saw along the way. He told the Daily Mail, “We got lost a few times. We slept under a wasp nest which wasn’t a good idea, got bloody feet, but we never thought about giving up.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II