Students Say “I Love You” To Surprise Their Professor Who Usually Teaches To Blank Zoom Screens

A professor at Florida State University had been teaching on Zoom to mostly blank screens in his 180-student lecture about ancient mythology. At the end of his lectures, he’ll usually say something along the lines of “Have a great weekend” and some will reply with “Thank, you too.” But one said, “I love you.”

Professor David Branscome tells Insider that he was “surprised,” so he replied, “I love you too.”

Then, the students to show appreciation for their professor and planned an “I love you” chain on GroupMe — a texting platform — where they would say “I love you” instead of “Thank you.” So when they got to the next class, that’s exactly what they did.

He replied to each and every one of his students with an “I love you too” or “I love you all.”

“This was something new, and it was very nice,” the professor tells the publication. One of the sophomore students, Darline Philius, attending his class also spoke with Insider and said, “We’re not able to be with each other, in person. So this is our type of bonding.”

Philius was also the student to catch the heartfelt moment and posted it on TikTok. The video currently has over two and half million views.


Reply to @anxietyape y’all we made it a daily thing now. i love this man so much 😭 he gotta be sick of us atp #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #college

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The student said that it must be lonely speaking to a bunch of blank screens because only a couple of students actually have their cameras turned on. Branscome sees the pros and cons of having all the classes being virtual.

Some might see the challenges that come with being in a virtual classroom, but Branscome said it allows every student to have a front-row seat and that this actually allows for more conversation.

“I’ve actually been very pleasantly surprised with the environment,” Branscome said, “In some ways, it contributes to class discussion. Every student has a front-row seat.”

Philius described her class as a “family” and Branscome agrees, “I think that this is one of the nice things about the online environment, strangely being apart brings us closer together — at least in this environment.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II