Widowed Man With Cancer Gives Terminally Ill Kids A Good Life In Foster Care

A widowed man named Mohamed Bzeek and the LA’s Department of Child and Family Services work together to have Bzeek adopt terminally ill children so they don’t have to die in the hospital alone. After immigrating from Libya 40 years ago, he finally became a citizen in 1997 and has been fostering children ever since.

Since he started doing this with his wife, he’s had 10 children die in his arms, but even after dealing with death over and over, he still continues to foster kids. In an interview with Image, he explained why he continues to take care of kids in need:

“In 1995, [Mohamed and his late wife] decided to adopt orphans left at hospitals or taken from their families by the state because of violence and pressure,” he said, “The only house that accepts orphans and children who are about to die in Los Angeles is my house. I have dealt with 80 children since 1989. Ten children lost their lives in my arms.”

He continues, “They know that I do not hesitate to accept. If I don’t, they are sent to hospitals and don’t have a family or house. However, when I take them, they feel a family atmosphere. They feel safe and are loved until the end of their lives.”

Being that Bzeek has taken care of 80 kids, he also has given names to kids who came into his care without one. Along with taking care of these kids, Mohamed also was recently diagnosed with stage two colon cancer.

“I had no family with me and I was scared,” he said of his diagnosis, “I felt the same what the kids feel. They are alone. If I am 62 [now 65] and I am scared, what about them?”

Bzeek has started a GoFundMe page to have people donate towards his work. He had a goal of $100,000 and currently has raised over $689,000.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II