Michael Jordan Opens Second Hospital To Help Uninsured

Former NBA icon Michael Jordan opened up a family clinic last year in Charlotte, North Carolina and it has proven to be an immense help for people in the community. Just this week, after the continued success of their first clinic, Jordan and Novant Health are opening up a second clinic in North Charlotte.

The former NBA star and Novant have been working on creating the first clinic since 2017 when he donated $7 million to the company. The Charlotte Observer participated in a video chat with the Novant CEO Carl Armato, Jordan, and some patients who have been treated at the clinic. Jordan talked about how proud he was of the progress that the clinic has made over the years.

“It gives my family great pride to know that we are making a difference in Charlotte,” Jordan said.

They are keen on the world that we are living in with the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 200,000 Americans since March. Novant’s Dr. Michael Hoben, who played a large role in shaping the clinics, mentioned the toll the coronavirus has taken in his comment to the Observer.

One issue the clinic hopes to help with is the disproportionate deaths from the coronavirus faced by the Black and Latino population. Studies have shown that these populations are more affected than white populations by the coronavirus pandemic.

“One of the things we’ve learned over time is that a patient’s ability to access food, housing, clothing, transportation, has a huge impact on their ability to achieve high-quality health care,” Dr. Hoben said, “So if we’re only addressing the traditional medical needs, we’re missing probably half of what they really need to achieve their highest or best health.”

Written by Moises Mendez II