Drive-Thru Haunted House Will Wash Your Car After Scaring The Hell Out Of You

A car wash in Tokyo, Japan is changing the experience for their customers to coincide with the spooky season. It’s now become a haunted car wash where people scare you as your car gets washed. 

Kowagarasetai Obakeyashiki, the car wash, provides a frightening experience for those who take their car in for a clean. There are spooky howls and “blood” getting thrown at your car as zombies rock your car and scare you. If it doesn’t seem scary enough, you can ask for the wash to be “extra bloody” for an extra $9.

The whole experience is 8,000 Japanese yen, or about $75, but if you don’t have a car like many people in Tokyo, they will provide one for $10 more.

The horror production company that is putting these scary washes together was actually inspired by the pandemic. Founder of Kowagarasetai, Kenta Iwana, spoke to CNN Travel and said, “With the virus, I knew there would be no way we could have a traditional haunted house, with all that screaming in a small confined space. When I read that drive-through theaters were making a comeback, it was my ‘aha’ moment.”

Once you pay your fees and put your car on the track, they close the garage door and begin the wash. A voice comes over the loudspeaker to say, “Around these parts, there’s a legend that the ghosts attack humans. Honk your horn three times if you want to hear more.” and then the fun begins for the next 17 minutes. 

The attraction started out in July and was only supposed to be a summer attraction but once they found out about the popularity of the experience on the first day with tickets selling out, they decided to bring it back. They currently have a waitlist of over 1,000 people and hope to fulfill it when they come back.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II