Shelter Helps Older Dogs Get Adopted By Dressing Them Up As “Senior Petizens”

senior petizens

The Flager Humane Society is an animal shelter that found a new, creative way to showcase their older dogs to try and give them a better chance of getting them adopted. With everyone stuck inside because of the coronavirus pandemic, many have expressed interest in either fostering a pet or full-on adopting. But when it comes to fostering or adopting, people gravitate towards younger pets.

To combat the growing number of older dogs staying in the shelter for long periods of time, the Florida-based rescue operation dressed the dogs up as “senior petizens.” The caretakers would put glasses, scarves, ties, wigs, and more on their older dogs and do photoshoots with them. In the photoshoot, a whiteboard would also be featured showing how long they’ve been in the shelter, along with some key personality traits about the pup.

All of these adorable pups stole our hearts but here are some of our favorite pups that definitely deserve to be find their forever home right away:

While Wookie can’t actually read, he really appreciates when his owner does. He’s said to curl up at the feet of his owners as they put their nose in a book. He’s also good with kids and other dogs but tries to be dominant around other dogs.

Noke did have a forever home for a bit but her owners weren’t comfortable handling a big dog like her so they brought her back to the shelter. But that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t deserve a good home because as her Instagram entry says, “she loves everyone she meets.”

If someone doesn’t adopt Meatball, we’ll be very upset. This good boy loves to play with other dogs and is down to snuggle up with you on the couch. He does have a rare blood disorder but it’s not going to cost much to treat and very manageable.

There are a couple of long-time residents at the shelter and one of them is named Sharpie.

The shelter says she’s kind of a big deal. They found her wandering around a golf course with heartworms and skin allergies, but since then she’s made a full recovery and is ready to be with her forever family.

“I am a fun-loving family dog who doesn’t know his own size,” the shelter’s Instagram writes about Uce, “Any lap is a good lap to lay on. I will give you all the affection you can handle. As long as I’m with my family I am happy.”
Find out about more of their dogs or if you want to donate to the shelter, check out their website here.

Written by Moises Mendez II