New Dog Mom Captured On Video Consoling Her Pups With Her Favorite Toys

Being a mom isn’t easy, especially being a mom for the first time. Yami, a young Golden Retriever who recently became a first-time mom, is finding out how hard it is being a mom.

As her pups began whining, she did her best to calm them down by bringing them toys and the whole encounter was captured on video, warming hearts across the internet.

In the video, captured by her owners in Zhengzhou, China, her three pups can be heard crying and Yami then springs into action. She does all she can to stop the whining and console her babies. The new mom brings over some stuffed toys to see if the babies would like that, but no dice, they continue to cry. She then tries to bring more toys over, but to no avail.

Yami continues to anxiously pace around, seemingly thinking of what she can bring to them to relax her babies. But then, she sat down next to them and stroked them with her nose to try and console them. The owners spoke with the DailyMail and said that the pups cried for the next three hours as she cuddled with them.

Her owner said, “It was the first time I saw [her] doing this. Sometimes she would remain standing [while feeding] to avoid crushing them. I’ve also spotted her fetching warm clothes for [the puppies].”


The video was originally on a Chinese app called Douyin, which is the Chinese version of TikTok but as the video grew in popularity, it began to spread to different social media platforms. It touched the heart of many with comments flooding in such as, “Yes, the power of a mother’s love is magnificent. Yami’s action really warmed my heart,” and “This made me cry. It reminded me of when I had my first baby. I didn’t know what to do with my newborn child and felt so helpless.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II