Babysitter From “Borat 2″—AKA The Hero Of The Movie—Gets Over $120,000 In Donations

Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” sequel has raised a lot of eyebrows since it was released – from his narrow escape at a gun rally to Rudy Giuliani just being creepy — and one of the characters in his film spoke about feeling duped.

Jeanise Jones, who plays a babysitter to Borat’s daughter, spoke about feeling “betrayed” by Cohen and his on-screen daughter played by Maria Bakalova because she was never told it was a “satirical comedy.”

When the movie was released, she made a statement about her appearance on Facebook assuring everyone that she “just did what my Mother Ozell Smith (RIP) taught me to do from as far back as I remember.”

In an interview with the New York Post, she said, “I’m feeling like [Tutar’s] from the Third World and that kind of stuff does happen where they sell women. I’m thinking this is for real so I felt kind of betrayed by it.”

She continued, “They told me it was a documentary for this young lady to understand she has rights and she can do whatever a man can do… I felt pain for her and tried [to see] if there’s any way we can get through to her that she doesn’t need to do all that.”

After the movie came out, it was revealed that she was only paid $3,600 for her appearance and with the pandemic, she’s been unemployed. 

Her pastor felt she wasn’t compensated fairly and set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her. It was created four days ago with a goal of reaching $100,000 and as of this post, it’s raised over $120,000 for her.

In speaking with Insider, her pastor Derrick Scobey at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Oklahoma City said, “Jeanise is nowhere near gullible. In fact, none of us are.” But, he continued, “we are very open people.”

Written by Moises Mendez II