McDonald’s And Microsoft’s Twitter Humans Had A Wholesome Convo About Checking In

There’s an art to brand Twitter. Try too hard and you’re the laughing stock of the internet. Don’t try hard enough and nobody will care. There is a delicate balance at hand, one that Wendy’s has notoriously mastered for years.

As 2020 slogs on and existentialism increasingly becomes a part of daily life, the brands are starting to get their feelings out. So, when people started harassing McDonald’s about the McRib, McDonald’s had, um, a little meltdown.

We get it. Behind every social media account is a person who has to deal with the bad jokes, the cyber bullying, verbal abuse and god-knows-what-else that comes from having a job that’s literally just managing a slice of internet. The McDonald’s social media manager is absolutely justified.

The tweet got attention (most likely due to the cry for help) and other brand social media managers started jumping in with their own grievances.

There was a lot of brand bonding.

The Foo Fighters even got in on it!

HBO tried its hand at trolling, and McDonald’s had none of it.

But it was Microsoft that really showed up for McDonald’s.

And things got super wholesome after Microsoft sent the tweet.

Microsoft also wanted to be a part of a social media manager support group with Adobe and McDonald’s.

Thank you for your support, invites, and password recovery, Microsoft! And guess what? The McRib is on its way!!!


Written by Lindsay Patton