“Borat 2” Babysitter Gets PAID And More In Our Top 5 Most Uplifting Stories Of The Week

Every week we collect our top five stories, just in case you missed them. These are the most uplifting posts that people liked, shared, and commented on, so go ahead and treat yourself—you’re in good company.


Former NBA icon Michael Jordan opened up a family clinic last year in Charlotte, North Carolina and it has proven to be an immense help for people in the community. Just this week, after the continued success of their first clinic, Jordan and Novant Health are opening up a second clinic in North Charlotte.



Brandspiegel and Eisenberg’s families got to know one another and the children quickly became close friends. When Eisenberg’s father passed in a car accident in 1948, Brandspiegel’s father would recite the Kaddish — the Jewish prayer for the dead — with him to help address his heavy grief.



Everyone knows art brings us joy—especially when times are tough. Whether it’s making art or looking at art, the act can take us out of our anxiety and depression for a bit. And, art can even make us laugh. Phil Heckels, a 38-year-old man from Worthing, South England, tapped into the humorous side of art—and now his adorably bad pictures of peoples’ pets are raising thousands of pounds for charity.



Jeanise Jones, who plays a babysitter to Borat’s daughter, spoke about feeling “betrayed” by Cohen and his on-screen daughter played by Maria Bakalova because she was never told it was a “satirical comedy.”



The latest dog meme involves people waking up their pooches with food, which is the most adorable “prank” you could play on a dog. The trend has spread around TikTok, with the hashtag #WakeUpForFood amassing 10.1 million views and 2,317 videos have used the sound to date.


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