Love Runs On Dunkin’: Couple Gets Married At Dunkin’ Donuts After Meeting There

After meeting at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru in Oklahoma City, Sugar Good and John Thompson decided to tie the knot exactly where they met. Being the general manager of the store’s location, Thompson proposed to her in the parking lot and they later got married in the exact spot they met.

John would come to the window at the same time every morning and the same order every time — a large hot coffee with cream and sugar and a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich. In speaking with CNN about their sweet love story, Good said, “I could never forget his smile. I always noticed it. He has dimples and when he smiles, his eyes sparkle.”

He told CNN that he was quick to realize her beauty as well. “I always noticed her eyes, no matter where she was at in the store, I could always see her looking back at me,” Thompson said while speaking to CNN, “Still, I just didn’t get the hint she liked me, but I did everything I could to find out her name.”

He was nervous to ask her for her number and one day finally mustered up the courage to ask her. On the day, he made a plan but she was already one step ahead of him. They went on their first date in September of 2018 and spent almost every day together after dating for a while, he proposed to her in a Dunkin parking lot.

Good’s employer was even excited about their nuptials and released a press statement saying, “From Dunkin’ to the newlyweds, we want to send our congratulations on their sweet nuptials and thank them for celebrating their special day with us.” They also gave away a free glazed or maple glazed donut to anyone who visited the store that day.

Thompson said, “I wake up everyday next to her and I’m just thankful. She still gives me butterflies. We’re always talking to each other and writing each other sweet notes everywhere. She’s my coffee girl.” She said, “And you’ll always be my guy in the red truck.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II