Three-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Being Trapped Under Rubble For Almost Three Days

A devastating earthquake hit Izmir, Turkey on Friday and collapsed a building, leaving a three-year-old girl stuck in the rubble. She was found almost three days later – 65 hours – and was taken to the hospital. The young girl, whose name is Elif Perincek, was pulled out of the wreckage and held on to the firefighter who rescued her as she was wrapped in a foil blanket.

Muammer Celik, the man who rescued her told CNN about saving Elif from the wreckage. “I thought she might be in the space between her bed and her dresser. I went in that direction and that’s where I found her lying on her back. I picked her up. I cleaned her face got rid of the dust. She held my finger and wouldn’t let go until we got to [the] ambulance.” He continued to say, “Elif is our miracle.”

The Health Minister for Turkey, Fahrettin Koca, reported that Perincek’s mother along with two others was safely found but one of her siblings had passed away. He also provided an update on Elif’s condition telling CNN that she is being treated in an intensive care unit for her injuries. She did not face any serious injuries and is in good condition now.

Elif was the second child that was found under a pile of rubble after being stuck for multiple hours. A 14-year-old girl named Idil Sirin was also found after being stuck for almost 60 hours under debris. People watching as she was pulled from the remains of the building cheered.

Almost 500 people were injured because of this disastrous tremor and so far, 91 have been reported dead. There are over 20 buildings that reported serious damage after the quake and more than 900 aftershocks were reported around the country. The aftershocks also triggered what Turkish officials are calling a “mini tsunami.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II