Viral TikTok Teen “Eats” With People Who Suffer From Disordered Eating

A teen from Chicago is helping people with disordered eating and mental illness by “eating” with them and giving them words of encouragement. The heartfelt trend started when 18-year-old Sara Sadok posted a video of herself and encouraged people to use the duet function to eat with her.

People started to make videos of themselves eating with her as she comforted them along the way. “I never suffered through eating disorders but I know someone who has. It was hard because they didn’t want to admit it but I knew,” Sadok told Buzzfeed, “It was getting to the point where I really wanted to help. I decided one day … let me try to post something. Subconsciously I was doing it for them and hoping they’d see it and it could help them.”


#duet with I’ve come along way but some days are harder than others #anxiety #panicattacks #staystrong #fyp #foryoupage happy bday

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Her video has been seen over two million times and has over 954,000 likes. The duets inspired by her videos are emotional, to say the least. One TikTok user trembles and mentioned in the caption that “some days are harder than others.” 


#duet with this morning was hard but thank you for this.

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But as the video rolls and Sadok says, “If you ever have a hard time sitting down for a meal, let’s have a meal together.” Sara then picks up her donut and takes a bite, motivating the person dueting the video to take a bite next. After that, she says, “I know that was hard and I’m really proud of you. Let’s have our second bite together.”

Sardok said she wasn’t aware of how much her support meant to others until the comments started rolling in. “I didn’t know how much I was helping — I watched almost all the duets and it brought tears to my eyes,” she told Buzzfeed, “I went live on TikTok and people were commenting, ‘you saved my life.’ It’s amazing.”


#duet with today was hard I threw up my last meal and my mom called me for dinner and I didn’t go so she bought me cookies

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Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II