Daughter Comes Out To Dad With Help Of Girl Scouts In Wholesome Convo

A father-daughter misunderstanding about Girl Scout cookies turned into a beautiful coming out moment for the two.

The father posted text screenshots between him and his daughter to image-sharing website, imgur. Often, images are picked up off this site and spread through content aggregation social media sites like Reddit, Twitter and more. This particular text thread was upvoted more than 7,000 times and has more than 400 comments. That’s in addition to the exposure it received on outside websites.

The daughter, who is a lesbian, recently joined the Gender-sexuality Alliance at her school and her dad struck up a conversation about it via text.

His daughter was very confused by her father’s interpretation, so he made sure to clarify.

But he still wasn’t getting the point, so his daughter had to explain — and come out as a lesbian in the process.

She said the opportunity to be part of the Gender-sexuality Alliance gave her a safe space to talk about any issues she’s facing. And her dad’s nonchalant response is refreshing, especially since coming out to family can be a big stress on LGBTQ+ youth.

The conversation spiraled out of control and the two debated over which Girl Scout cookies reign supreme.

And ended in the most father/daughter way.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the dad admitted he knew what GSA is, he just wanted to make the situation easier for her.

“I was well aware of what GSA was before I started this conversation. I was also aware that regardless of how close she and I are, that she had some trepidation in telling me,” he said. “I think that’s why the analogy struck with so many people. An argument about coconuts was as inane as an argument about whom someone chooses to spend the rest of their lives with.”


Written by Lindsay Patton