Hungry For Democracy: Offset Delivered Meals To People Waiting In Long Voting Lines

Migos member, Offset, took to the polls in Georgia but not to vote, but to deliver food to people waiting in lines to vote. The rapper was spotted at three different poll places in Fulton and Gwinnett counties giving food from local favorites; Slutty Vegan and Big Dave’s Cheesesteak.

Cardi B’s husband teamed up with the Lincoln Project and AXSD Media to go around and hand out these meals. “Ya’ll get out here and vote, we’ll get into it,” he said to voters waiting in line in clips that he posted on Instagram.

Offset and Cardi B have made their political opinions known, Cardi even taking the time to speak with Senator Bernie Sanders shortly after he dropped out of the race and endorsed Former Vice President Joe Biden. As he was traveling around Georgia, Offset was met with pushback, the Lincoln Project claims.

“We’ve been working in Georgia with @OffsetYRN, to feed Gwinnett’s voters in those unnecessarily long lines,” the Lincoln Project tweeted, “but instead of a welcome, he was threatened by @gwinnettgov. This is what voter intimidation and discrimination looks like.”

Offset also attended a Biden rally in Atlanta with fellow rapper Common, who spoke about Offset being consistently vocal about the importance of voting, saying, “We got Offset here. He been speaking up about voting for as long as I’ve known the man. I’ve got to say, it’s just been touching my heart to hear his story, and hear what he’s done.”

The Lincoln Project and Slutty Vegan shared videos of Offset going around and handing out food.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II