Mississippi Debuted Their New, Non-Racist State Flag

There’s a lot of good news coming out of the election as the country waits on the final results to determine who won the presidential race. There are plenty of small victories to celebrate, like the election of diverse candidates and most recently, the decision to change the state flag of Mississippi.

The issue of changing the flag was put to a vote in June, at the height of the George Floyd protests. The legislature of the Magnolia State decided it was time to do away with the Confederate-themed flag. After over 2,000 designs were proposed by residents of the state that followed two simple rules: no Confederate imagery and the phrase, “In God We Trust” needed to be included.

Voters decided on a simple red, blue, and gold flag with a magnolia flower in the middle with the phrase and stars circling around it.

The former executive editor of the Clarion Ledger was one of the first to post a photo of the flag on Twitter and his tweet gained a lot of traction. “This will be the new state flag of Mississippi,” his tweet read, “Voters overwhelmingly approved it. This is a great day for the state as we move forward from a divisive emblem that now rests in the past.”

A day after the new design was approved, it was hoisted up outside Hattiesburg City Hall as well as the campus of the University of Mississippi in Oxford. Many Mississippians expressed their excitement for their new flag and what it meant for the future. 

Former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Reuben Anderson said in a statement to NBCNews, “Mississippi voters sent a message to the world that we are moving forward together.” He continued to write, “I have a renewed sense of hope for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and I know this new symbol creates better prospects for the entire state of Mississippi.” 

In a separate statement to the Clarion Ledger, he finished out saying, “There’s no reason for us to be on the bottom. We will be on the bottom all of my lifetime, but my children and grandchildren will see us ascend, and it’ll happen because of what you have done to bring this great object to the people of Mississippi to vote on.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II