Officer Fired For Being A Lesbian Beat The Man Who Fired Her And Got Elected Sheriff

As the country continues to wait for the results of the Presidential Election, people can celebrate the small victories in their local elections. One of which is the election of the first female commander and the first openly gay sheriff in Hamilton County, Ohio.

“This is the honor of a lifetime, a dream job for me,” Charmain McGuffey said during a press conference after her victory was announced, “Remember, when I was 14 and a little girl, I was told ‘No way, you can never be a police officer because you’re a girl. Because you’re a woman.’ And look where we stand today? I’m so proud of everyone who made this happen.”

She decided to run for sheriff after she claims she was unjustly fired by her competitor, Jim Neil because she raised concerns about the use of force by the police officers on the force and also because she does not hide her sexuality, Upworthy reports. Neil believes these claims are false and said that she was fired because she “created a hostile work environment.”

The two are set to dispute their cases in court on December 7 and McGuffey told LGBTQ Nation, “The current sheriff and I got into a pretty serious disagreement about the practice of him not holding officers accountable for use of force and harassment of women, female officers, and female inmates.”

She decided it wasn’t enough to battle it out in court, she was also going to go for his job because she believed she could do a better job. It took her a year to come to that conclusion but she set out and did it.

While they’re both Democratic, Neil’s support began to diminish as he was seen on stage at Trump rally in 2016. He half-apologized for it.

He told, “It was selfish on my part because I didn’t take into consideration the other candidates on the Democratic ballot that are going to be running with me because this could not just impact my votes, but it could impact the votes on anyone on the Democratic ballot. I want to apologize for my actions.”

They battled it out in April of this year with McGuffey winning 70% of the vote and once November came around, she had to beat Republican contender, Bruce Hoffbauer. But on Election Day, she beat him and made history for her county in Ohio.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II