Important Election Results: Wilbur The Frenchie Has Been Elected Mayor Of A Kentucky Town

A small town in Kentucky just elected a French Bulldog named Wilbur to be their next mayor. While the position is ceremonial, the townspeople took the election very seriously and showed up in record numbers to cast their votes.

The new mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky kept his followers informed of how the race was going on social media and people loved seeing how it turned out. NBC News reports here hasn’t been a human in this position, ever.

“There was a man named Don Claire who thought it would be a great idea to elect some type of animal—not necessarily a canine—as mayor of town, as a fundraising event for the historical society,” Amy Noland, Wilbur’s owner told NBC News, “Although it’s not political at all, it always coincides with the presidential election.”

Every voter that casts a ballot traditionally donates $1 to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. During this election, the same with our general presidential election, voter turnout is at the highest it’s ever been. Wilbur secured his spot as mayor winning 13,143 of the 22,985 ballots submitted.

His competitors, Jack Rabbit the beagle and Poppy the golden retriever, came in second and third, respectively. But because they ran a good race, they become Rabbit Hash Ambassadors along with last year’s ambassador, Lady Stone, who is a border collie.

Noland told NBC that she wanted to provide a distraction from “all of the negative media that’s out there surrounding America, and the election, and Covid-19. She said, “so I guess I wanted Wilbur to be something positive in the news.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II