Group Of Sikh Men Tie Turbans Together To Rescue Teen Girls From Icy River

Two young girls fell into a pond in Calgary, Canada and they were rescued by a group of Sikh men in the community who were out taking a stroll. The men removed their turbans and tied the fabric together to pull them from the water. Their neighbor, Kulbinder Bangar, was able to capture the entire event on video.

At around 11:30 A.M., EMS was called and the two girls were reported to have fallen through the ice. Bangar’s daughter saw the two young girls screaming out for help as they were partially submerged in the water. Bangar told Global News, “The screams were like a deathly scream. It was so terrifying, it’s hard to erase.”

As the community jumped into action to save the girls, they first tried using a piece of siding from a renovation project that was nearby, the video shows. But that didn’t work so they had to think quickly about what to do next. The Sikh men decided to take their turbans off and tied them together to make a rope that reached the girls.

“In their Sikh faith it’s a big thing to take your turban off but they didn’t think for one moment,” Bangar told Global News, “It was quite a terrifying experience, but at the same time it was a wonderful experience to see these elderly citizens [who] went out of their way to help these young ladies.”

The turban idea didn’t pan out as expected, so people managed to get the first young girl out using a garden hose. A passerby managed to pull out the second girl. One of the EMS that was on the scene, Stuart Brideaux, spoke with Global News as well and spoke about the quickness of the people in the community.

“It did have a positive ending,” he said, “Other than being cold and some mild hypothermia, there were no ill effects or lasting repercussions from this incident.”

He also advised that with the dropping temperatures, people should be careful about walking onto the ice. “It’s always advisable that you stay on the banks or well away from [the ice],” Brideaux said, “It’s not possible to tell the thickness of any ice in terms of what’s safe or not.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II