After Her Shop Closes Down, Florist Gifts Bouquets To Hospital Workers

A florist’s flower shop closed down in France, but she decided to do something nice with the flowers she was supposed to toss away. Instead, she took the flowers to the nearest hospital and put bouquets on all of the cars in the parking lot.

Murielle Marcenac’s flower shop wasn’t doing too well because of the COVID-19 pandemic and had to close up shop. She told the HuffPost, “I had to make a decision, and I didn’t want to waste the flowers. Instead of crying, I told myself that we had to make people smile, especially at times like these.”

So she went to Perpignan Hospital and gifted the flowers to healthcare workers that are risking their lives taking care of COVID-19 patients. With over 1.2 million deaths from the novel coronavirus and no end in sight, this small gesture of faith warmed the hearts of hospital workers when they returned to their cars after a long day of work.

“They thank me for my support and my approach because at the moment it’s complicated. They need it, we have to support each other at times like these and not get angry,” she said to the HuffPost. But the work for her isn’t over, she plans on continuing this small gesture at other hospitals in Perpignan, where she’s from because she still has more flowers in her shop. She did the same exact thing at Narbonne Hospital over the weekend.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II