Man Who Honors Dying Wife’s Wish To Keep Feeding Dozens Of Raccoons Goes Viral

On his YouTube channel, James Blackwood calls himself the “Raccoon Whisperer” and people love watching him feed his pack of raccoons. Recently, one of his videos went viral amassing over six million views on a YouTube video posted on November 3rd and currently boasting over 242,000 subscribers.

His hobby of taking care of the pack of raccoons started 25 years ago with his wife and ever since he’s made it a regular hobby. When his wife died, her dying wish was for him to continue taking care of the animals. He writes in the description of one of his videos, “This was my wife’s project, and she died in 2003 of cancer and begged me on her death bed to take care of her raccoons and cats and her mother.”

Blackwood usually gives the raccoons cut up hot dogs as the main course and then treats them to chocolate dipped-cookies and then finishes the meal off with a bucket of dog food.

He continues to write in the description, “I honored her wishes and took care of the cats and her mother for the next ten years. I have two rescue cats that live here Connor and Charlotte but they stay indoors. Special Note: thank you for the kind offers of money and Gifts but I cannot accept I would rather you donate to your local SPCA or Animal Welfare locations in your area.”

People flooded the comments section with words of support and how much they loved the content Blackwood was providing. “YouTube recommends the most random videos, but this is probably one of the best ones,” one user commented. Another wrote, “This is too cute! The sound of them all collectively eating the grapes is the best thing on the internet. I am so glad this was in my recommended.”

Written by Moises Mendez II