Man Uses “Dumb” Tattoos To Commemorate His Brother Who Passed Away

A tattoo artist from Vancouver, Canada was dubbed “the world’s worst tattoo artist” and he’s even admitted to not knowing how to draw. But the reason he got into tattooing is much more sincere than just wanting to do it; he does it to commemorate his brother who passed away from brain cancer in 2017, who was also a tattoo artist.

Ryan, who is known as Janky Doodlez on different social media platforms, never really had any formal training, he’s learned from trial and error. His brother’s passing inspired him to get tattoos.


“My half-brother Tyler was 39 and lived in Thailand for many years and picked up tattooing over there,” he told the Daily Mail, “He had gone to art school and was a great painter as well. Unfortunately, he passed due to brain cancer. After spending a year and a bit getting lots of tattoos I wanted to save some money and start doing a bit on myself which went horribly.”


His tattooing journey started in February of 2019 and inked some friends and family, as well as anyone who would let him after he started his tattoo page. He was never confident in his tattooing abilities and made sure to tell his clients this. He explained to the Daily Mail, “I was very upfront about not knowing what I was doing and that the tattoos would likely heal bad and thankfully I met enough crazy enough people who didn’t care.”

He continued to tell the Daily Mail, “I did free tattoos for the first two to three months until I knew somewhat what I was doing and had developed my own style more, not that it’s much of a style, just my really poor all-natural drawing ability. I am very thankful to have the best customers in the world who don’t care too much how the tattoos turn out  — I am pretty open about not being very good at tattooing — I think I definitely sell myself on content over quality.”


Ryan thought that when he posted his tattoos — mistakes or not — this would deter people from getting tattooed by him, but it’s proven to have the opposite effect. “Everyone is always super nice and stoked on the tattoo, but I think it helps to be really transparent and honest so people know what they’re getting themselves into,” he said to the Daily Mail, “All tattoos look like crap over time, mine just have a head-start.”

Written by Moises Mendez II