12-Year-Old Boy With Autism Can Name Any Car Ever Made And Builds Lifelike Models

12-year-old Anthony Schmidt has a particularly interesting skill being able to identify any make and model of a car if shown a picture of the car. His encyclopedic knowledge comes from his extensive model car collection spanning from the first car ever made to models that are being created today.

Schmidt’s car knowledge has even helped in a criminal investigation in New York. Detectives were trying to identify the make, model and year of a getaway car used during a crime. After they showed Anthony a grainy image, he was able to tell the investigators everything they needed to know about the car immediately, leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Anthony lives with his mom, Ramona, close to Seattle, Washington and according to the Good News Network, “Her son’s car enthusiasm began when he was about two years old. By age six, he’d begun creating a photographic series of tableaus starring his model cars staged in hyper-realistic settings.”

So, when he was nine, his mom created a Facebook and Instagram page for him to showcase his photographic abilities. She spoke to a local publication, the Woodinville Weekly about the reception of her son’s abilities.

“Everyone freaked out,” she said, “He gets recognized in public. There was an overwhelming response from people asking for calendars or coffee table books.”

To meet consumer demand, he was able to create his own line of products featuring his work on items like calendars, books, photographic prints and more. He sells the merchandise on his Anthony Schmidt Photography website

He uses an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of his model cars containing over 600 pieces. With his sense of organization and attention to detail, she explained to KOMO News 4 that the results of his work are “because of the autism, not in spite of it.”

Anthony also hopes to use his photography to be his life’s work and inspire people. He leaves everyone with an inspirational message saying, “You can set your mind to whatever you want.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II