Kids Use Doorbell Cam To Send Messages To Deployed Dad Overseas

The Ring doorbell was intended for safety, but people are utilizing its recording capabilities to send messages to their loved ones.

Take for instance, this dad who leaves messages for his daughter while she’s away at college.


I told my dad I watch the ring videos at home when I’m away at college and he started leaving me messages #college #ring #funny #heyemily #foryou #fy

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Or this dad, who has an extra “special” message for his kid.


I got a ring doorbell notification when my dad was leaving my house today and #fyp #ringdoorbell

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But it’s not just parents leaving messages for their kids. Likewise, kids are utilizing Ring’s crime-fighting feature to show love.


The best part of my day. #videodoorbell #ringdoorbell #morningvibe #mykid #proudmomma

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Recently, an example of using Ring Doorbell for good went viral.

The first part of the video features his daughter, who says “Hi Daddy, I miss you so much.”

The next shows his son, who says “I want to see you soon, Daddy. Please, I really want you to come back. Bye daddy, I’m going to school to learn a lot.”

Throughout the rest of the video, you see each child talking to their dad through the Ring doorbell, telling him how much they love him and that they want him to come back home.

The sweet, heartbreaking clip received 1.4 million views on Twitter, with a lot of emotional replies.

One Desert Storm veteran commented on how much this technology would have meant to families back then.

Another veteran shared their experience of watching what families go through during deployment.

We also heard from children of military parents.

Technology can be very good sometimes.


Written by Lindsay Patton