Everything Is Awesome: Teen’s Breathtaking LEGO Manhattan Replica Goes Viral

Alex Bailey has loved LEGOs since he was two years old and one of his favorite things is to freestyle his own creations.

His LEGO skills only improved over time and Alex’s parents realized their son had a special skill when he built a three-foot Titanic replica at seven years old.

“I suppose it was natural for him to lean towards Lego,” Alex’s mother Laura told Dublin Live. “We bought him plenty of Lego model sets and he had no interest in making those sets.”

The Dublin teen has plenty of elaborate creations under his belt, however, one in particular is getting some international attention.

On Sept. 25 (when Alex was still 14) Laura uploaded a video of the finished result and it has since received two million views.

Alex has been a New York City fan for some time and it’s his dream to live in the city and work as an architect. (Something tells us this won’t be difficult for him.)

“We were [in Manhattan] for a week and on Christmas Day we surprised them with a doors-off helicopter ride over New York City and that’s where he got the idea,” his mother said.

Work on the Manhattan replica began in September and in addition to featuring iconic New York landmarks, Alex added his own flair. If you look closely, you’ll see Avengers Tower from the Marvel movies, as well as Baby Yoda as the Statue of Liberty.

The video reemerged yesterday when prominent Twitter figure Rex Chapman posted it to his million followers.

Chapman’s post got Alex even more attention, with 110.3K likes and 12K retweets.

Franklin Leonard is right. The only logical thing to happen next is for LEGO to fund his architecture schooling and then hire him to work in Manhattan. Come on, LEGO. Your move.


Written by Lindsay Patton