We Don’t Deserve Dogs: Pregnant Pup’s Courageous Act Saves Four Hospice Patients From Fire

A pregnant dog in Russia suffered severe burns after running into a burning building to warn the people inside of the flames. The fire happened in Russia’s Leningrad region and after the dog made it back out of the building safely, she passed out from carbon monoxide inhalation.

Every resident of the hospice made it out of the fire safely due to the dog’s courageous act. Volunteers Elena Kalinina and Alexander Tsinkevich saved the dog, whose name is Matilda, and began to treat her for her serious injuries. A report showed that the dog “cried and trembled in pain, but heroically endured everything.”

Matilda was taken to Vasilek shelter in St Petersburg where she is being treated for the burns. The shelter released a statement updating the public on the health of the courageous dog. “Matilda’s face, neck and abdomen were severely burned,” they wrote.

“She was checked by a fertility specialist who looked at her for a very long time and carefully studied the puppies. They are all alive and developing well. Now it is impossible to understand the number of babies she is carrying, since she is a big dog.”

With that, the animal campaigners working to save her life say that while she might be able to deliver healthy puppies, she will not be able to breastfeed as her nipples are severely burned. Also, the owner of the dog owns the hospice that burned down. Reports say that he will no longer be able to care for the dog because of injury.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II