Money From Heaven: Meteorite Worth Over $1 Million Crashes Into Man’s Home

After a meteorite crashed into a man’s roof, he was able to sell the space-rock for almost two million dollars. The lucky man is a coffin maker in Indonesia named Josua Hutagalung.

He spoke with the Sun and explained how the scenario played out when the rock came hurdling to his roof from space. “I was working on a coffin near the street in front of my house when I heard a booming sound that made my house shake. It was as if a tree had fallen on us,” Hutagalung told the Sun, “[The meteorite] was too hot to pick up so my wife dug it out with a hoe and we took it inside.”

The four-billion-year-old meteorite weighs about four-and-a-half pounds meaning they had a million-dollar opportunity on their hands, or on their roof rather. It’s a rare type of space rock classified as CM1/2 carbonaceous chondrite variety, which goes for about $850 per gram.

After doing the math, the price for the entire rock adds up to roughly $1,858,556. Scientists quickly wanted to get their hands on it so one man named Jared Collins, who is known as an American space rock guru, traveled to Sumatra, Indonesia to see it for himself. 

He bought it off of Hutagalung and then later sold it to Indianapolis-based meteorite collector Dr. Jay Piateck. The rock is currently being stored in liquid nitrogen at the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University.

Hutagalung refused to share exactly how much money he made off of the rock but people are guessing it’s more than a million dollars. With this stroke of good luck, he hopes his streak will continue to grant a wish he’s had for a while.

“I have always wanted a daughter, and I hope this is a sign that I will be lucky enough now to have one,” he told the Sun.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II