Mom Buys Random Strangers Groceries To Give Back To Community

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, food insecurity has doubled in 2020 from 135 million people in 2019 to 265 million this year, according to NPR. One mom decided to help combat that by paying for people’s groceries at her local grocery store.

Brandy Bisson, mother of three from Concord, New Hampshire shelled out $600 of her own money  to put “smiles on people’s faces.” She explained to WMUR-9 that she felt it was only right to give back when the community put on a birthday parade and gave gifts for her son’s seventh birthday. 

“With the pandemic and everything and all the election stuff, I just wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces,” she told WMUR-9. The cashier at the grocery store put a photo of Bisson on their Facebook story and her good deed began to be recognized.

She didn’t stop with just one round of paying for people’s groceries, she went back on Tuesday and paid for a woman’s groceries — who expressed her gratitude to Bisson. “She was crying, she said, ‘Thank you so much, you don’t understand what this means to me, it’s so hard to reach out and ask for help,’ Bisson said. 

Brandy also explained that her late mother was an inspiration for her kind spirit and giving back. She said that her mother set the example of being kind to others and because Bisson isn’t struggling financially at the moment, she wants to show that she understands.

“We’ve been on both ends of the spectrum so to speak,” Brandy told WMUR-9, “It’s not a good feeling when you don’t know where you’re going to get food for your kids.”

In continuation with doing what she can, she is planning on buying thanksgiving dinners for two families in the area.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II