This Shelter Gave 80 Dogs Their Own Thanksgiving Meal And The Pics Are Adorable

A shelter gave around 80 dogs a Thanksgiving meal to salivate over. Stevens-Swan Humane Society in Upstate New York made sure its residents didn’t feel left out during the holiday.

It’s a tradition put in place by Rob and Hillary Dunn last year. The Dunns are a big part of the Steven-Swan family and began cooking the dogs Thanksgiving meals as a way to make them feel loved.

The shelter uploaded images of the feast to Facebook with the following caption:

“Today and every day we are thankful for the amazing staff that care for our animals.

Many of you have met Rob and Hillary Dunn over the years and see how much they do for shelter animals. Last year they started the tradition of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for all the dogs in the shelter. This is just one of the generous things they do to make the animals in the shelter feel loved.
Please join us in thanking them for doing something so special. Each of the almost 80 dogs got their own plate and even some of the cats joined in.
Thank you Rob and Hillary from all the animals at SSHS💜

The Dunns had their own post as well, which they captioned:

“Thanksgiving for 80ish shelter dogs and plenty of pumpkin left over for the cats. ✔️🐶🐈 Most of the dogs even ate the green beans and pumpkin! 🥰

This is Stevens-Swan Humane Society and if you’re interested in any of these dogs please see the album of adoptable dogs on their page for more information. ❤️

The images they shared were so good that the post went viral, with the Dunns receiving 19K reactions and 95K shares and Stevens-Swan receiving 2.1K reactions and nearly 600 shares.

The eyes. We know, buddy. We know. Thanksgiving food is on its own level. Its own food pyramid of greatness.

Yep, this IS real life! THIS IS THANKSGIVING!

This little buddy saw what they wanted and just went for it.

Wait! You didn’t even say what you’re thankful for! Come on. It’s Thanksgiving!

This friend looks hesitant about their Thanksgiving dinner

While these guys are taking a little time to sniff things out.

We’re so happy the Dunns were able to make the day memorable and hope next year, every animal will have a Thanksgiving in their permanent home!

Written by Lindsay Patton