102-Year-Old Woman Who Lived Through The 1918 Pandemic Beats COVID-19—Twice

A 102-year-old woman from New York has beaten COVID-19—again. Angelina Friedman, who made headlines earlier this year for recovering from the coronavirus has now triumphed over the virus twice.

“Not only has she beaten COVID at 101, she’s beaten it at 102,” daughter Joanne Merola told WPIX.

This isn’t even Friedman’s first pandemic—she lived through the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918.

North Westchester Restorative Therapy and Nursing Center

Friedman, who resides at a nursing home in Westchester, was first diagnosed with COVID-19 about six months ago. Recently, however, she started showing symptoms again.

“She had symptoms — fever, a dry cough,” Merola explained. “They thought she might also have the flu.”

To mitigate risk at the nursing home, Merola said older residents were put in isolation. Friedman tested negative on Nov. 17th. Now, she is back into her room after being tested a second time and also receiving negative results.

Merola says her mother is “invincible”: “She’s not the oldest to survive COVID, but she may be the oldest to survive it twice.”

It seems like Friedman was born into adversity. Her mother died while giving birth to her while aboard a ship coming from Italy and heading to New York. Her mother’s death came during the Spanish flu pandemic, which, according to the Centers for Disease Control, killed more than 50 million people. Friedman has also outlived her husband and all ten of her siblings.

“My mother is a survivor,” Merola said. “She survived miscarriages, internal bleeding, and cancer.”

And now COVID-19. Twice.

Patricia Grisafi

Written by Patricia Grisafi