After His Mom Lost Her Job, This Kid Started A Plant Business And Moved His Family From A Shed To An Apartment

Aaron's Garden via Instagram

Aaron Moreno’s mom, Berenice Pacheco, lost her job because of the coronavirus pandemic. Being a single mother, she struggled to make ends meet. Moreno decided to help his mom out and started selling plants, eventually being able to move them from a shed they were living into an apartment.

“When I lost both my jobs in March because of the coronavirus pandemic and we had no option but to live in a shed, this kid was always asking for Hot Cheetos,” Pacheco explained to CNN, “It’s just $3, but when you have kids and you don’t have a job, it can make all the difference.”

Aaron’s Garden via Instagram

To help out, Aaron bought some succulents with his last $12 and sold them to neighbors for a profit. Once he began to make money off of his small business, he decided to keep it going because he saw it as a way out of poverty.

Soon he began investing in more plants and then was able to officially launch Aaron’s Garden. “Our shed was hot and crowded, and I wasn’t happy,” he told CNN, “I started my garden so my mom won’t be stressed because I don’t like seeing her struggle.”

Aaron’s Garden via Instagram

The two would go to the flower district at 6 AM every morning to pick out plants that he believes his customers would like. When he started the business, he would sometimes sell the plants out of his garage while other times he would do small pop-up shops.

He began to post about the business on Instagram and was finding support from friends and family. Soon after, he began getting dozens upon dozens of orders for plants.

Aaron’s Garden via Instagram

One of his mom’s high school friends wanted to help them find stable housing so she created a GoFundMe page for the two of them. Since then, the campaign has gotten over $40,000.

His mother spoke to WXII about how this enormous amount of money has helped them. “Before he started this, we really only had things like tuna to eat, because we didn’t have a kitchen and we could only cook by putting a small electric stove on a chair outside,” she said, “But then his garden saved us. The money from the GoFundMe and Aaron’s Garden allowed us to buy a car, which we didn’t have for four years.”

With all of the support they’ve gotten, they were finally able to move out of the shed and into an apartment in November. Aaron continues to run his business out of their garage.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II