“Her Face Was Priceless”NBA Player Bam Adebayo Surprises Mom With A New House

Bam Adebayo via Instagam

In the spirit of giving during the holiday season, Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo did what many people hope to do. He bought his mom a new home for her birthday.

On his mom’s 56th birthday, he was able to gift her a house and shared snippets of the emotional exchange on his Instagram. In the photos he posted, Adebayo can be seen hugging his mother, Marilyn Blount, while wearing masks.

Bam Adebayo via Instagram

“SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WHOLE [world emoji]” he writes in the caption, “You Deserve This And Much More. You Can Officially Say ‘This My Sh*t’ #MommaGotACrib.”

Bam Adebayo via Instagram

Adebayo and Blount lived in a single-wide trailer together in North Carolina, ESPN reports. He spoke to the outlet about what it meant to get his mom a new house.

“My mom never had nothing that she could call her own,” Adebayo explained to ESPN, “So growing up and being able to do something different with basketball and be a special player, that was something that I’ve always had in my mind, I’ve always wanted to do. And just having the opportunity to do it for my mom is an incredible experience.”

Bam Adebayo via Instagram

He also told them that he was nervous about showing his mom her new home. He told ESPN, “I never really gave her a gift like that. So it kind of gave me like a feeling like when I first stepped on the Finals court. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know anything at the moment.”

The nerves paid off in the end because Blount loved her new home. “Her face was priceless, “ he said. “Just seeing that woman go through all she went through and finally getting a break and being able to say, ‘This is mine,’ and ‘I own this,’ that was a big thing for me,” he told reporters. “My mom’s never owned anything, so I always wanted her to own something that she could say, ‘This is mine’ and feel good about it. … I wanted her to have 10 toes down [feeling] this is my house.”

Bam Adebayo via Instagam

He finished by saying, “I wanted everybody to see where we actually came from. And that doesn’t matter who walks in. You’re going to always see that picture. My whole goal [of] putting it there was just so everybody can see where we actually come from. And where I was raised at, what I went through, the struggle to get my mom a brand new crib and the conditions she lived in. So that’s the main point of the picture.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II