Lonely Girl In Lockdown Makes A Fairy Garden And Gets A Visit From A Real-Life Fairy

A four-year-old girl is bringing some magic to her neighborhood with a homemade fairy garden outside her house.

Twitter user Kelly Victoria chronicled how life challenges and late nights led to an incredible discovery.

In a thread, Kelly shared her story, which begins with long walks late at night.

During one walk, she noticed a peculiar-looking tree. The tree had objects all around it and as Kelly came closer, she realized it was a fairy garden straight out of the mind of a four-year-old girl.

The garden has a beautiful pond.

Kelly Victoria/Twitter

An eclectic entryway for the fairies.

Kelly Victoria/Twitter

As well as more information on the four-year-old girl and why she made this magical place.

Kelly Victoria/Twitter

A note written by her reads reads “Our 4 year old girl made this to brighten your day. Please add to the magic, but don’t take away. These days can be hard, but we’re in this together so enjoy our fairy garden and some nicer weather.”

Another note has a picture of the garden’s creator.

Kelly Victoria/Twitter

It makes sure to echo the creation’s core goal: to spread kindness and joy.

“Hey all you cool cats and kittens! This girl is loving your new additions so keep them coming and please be kind. Keep this girl and your neighbors in mind.”

Kelly was touched by the creation, so she pretended she was a fairy named Sapphire that had come to live in the tree.

The note asked the girl to do three things for Sapphire the fairy:

  1. Say 5 nice things to people you love
  2. 2. Do 3 helpful things for someone in need
  3. Draw a picture of her favorite animal

A night later, Kelly got a response.

The note — written by the girl’s parent — confirmed she did all three things, and that the note made her so happy that she drew a picture of two piggies for her new friend Sapphire the fairy.

Kelly Victoria/Twitter

And as promised, Kelly left some of her handmade die.

She also left a note for the parents, introducing herself and offering a phone number “so they could contact me and know I wasn’t some creep leaving notes for their small child.”

In a note with the die, Sapphire the fairy said the girl had passed the test.

Kelly Victoria/Twitter

She loved her sparkly die and Kelly received a note from her parents, letting her know what a bright spot she has been for the family.

Kelly Victoria/Twitter

Over the next nine months, the two exchanged messages, with Kelly admitting the sweet relationship gave her purpose during a difficult time.

As time went on, Kelly texted the mom to make gifts more personal. In one gift, Kelly got into costume and photoshopped herself as a fairy.

Unfortunately, the fairy garden is leaving Kelly’s neighborhood. There is good news, though.

Two days before the family moved, Kelly — dressed as a fairy — finally got to meet her pen pal.


Written by Lindsay Patton