Oprah Sends ER Doc Who Was Fired After Speaking Out About COVID On A Vacation


An emergency room doctor that was fired is getting a vacation from Oprah Winfrey as a thank you for their hard work.

Dr. Cleavon Gilman’s tweets have been getting attention for his frank discussions on how Arizona handled the COVID-19 outbreak.

The organization that contracts him — Yuma Regional Medical Center — saw the critical tweets and fired Dr. Gilman.

On Dec. 10, Dr. Gilman tweeted about the experience and shared an interview he did with azcentral.

“They told me it was because of the tweets and I couldn’t believe it because that was accurate information I posted to inform the citizens of Arizona,” he said in the interview. “It is a grave injustice and it’s not just happening to me. Doctors everywhere are afraid to speak up.”

One Twitter user pointed out a similar situation in Bellingham, Washington.

A day after Dr. Gilman’s tweet went viral, his former employer issued a statement, they called everything a “misunderstanding.”

“It’s clear there has been a misunderstanding. While he is not speaking on behalf of YRMC, we respect Dr. Gilman’s right to share his personal perspective on the pandemic.”

But it was too late and not good enough for many.

Someone pointed out the massive oopsie on Yuma’s behalf.

One day after Yuma’s statement, Dr. Gilman was interviewed by MSNBC.

The story picked up steam and got Oprah’s attention.

The media icon quote tweeted Dr. Gilman and used that good ol’ Midwest passive-aggressive charm to put Yuma Regional Medical Center on blast. She also offered to send Dr. Gilman and his immediate family anywhere in the world.

Replying to Oprah, Dr. Gilman expressed his gratitude and promised to continue his advocacy.

He’s already putting his promise into action. In a tweet, Dr. Gilman said he will begin pushing legislation to protect healthcare workers in January.

Lead image: screenshot via YouTube.


Written by Lindsay Patton