Anonymous Secret Santa Giving Away $500,000 In Gifts Buys Working Grandma A New Car

A man in Idaho, who wishes to remain anonymous is going around giving away $500,000 to people on his “nice” list.

One woman named Diana Boldman, who is 65 years old and a grandmother, made it to this man’s list. She and her husband Cameron have not retired and work constantly. The couple delivers newspapers in the early morning to the residents of Idaho Falls.

After the paper route is done, Diana goes to her full-time job working at McDonald’s. She is hoping to save up money while providing for both her and Cameron, as he is on disability.

Being that the “Secret Santa” chooses to remain a secret, he enlisted the help of East Idaho News to hand out the gifts. Anchorman Nate Eaton was able to give Diana her present.

“A local Secret Santa who lives here in our community said ‘I want you to go to McDonald’s and I want you to surprise Diana with this car,” Eaton said in the newscast, “… not only is she gonna drive home in this car today, Secret Santa also bought her $5,000 in gas cards.” He also provided her with a $1,000 check.

When she was presented with the new car, she was as shocked and excited as to be expected. Holding back tears, all she could say was “Oh my goodness.”

Diana finishes the news segment by saying, “Tell the Secret Santa I said, ‘Thank you ever so much.’”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II