Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson Charged Himself $100 For Every Minute He Kept Restaurant Staff Past Closing To Leave A Big Tip

Chad Johnson/Instagram/Twitter

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson decided to stop by his favorite Cuban restaurant but got there a little late, but because he eats there often, they decided to keep the kitchen open for him.

Chad Johnson/Instagram

He felt bad for having the staff stay late and wanted to do something nice for the people that work at one of his favorite restaurants. He tweeted out that he would be leaving a tip of $100 for every minute the staff stays past closing time.

“Headed to my Cuban spot for dinner, I’m being somewhat of an inconvenience for the kitchen & staff being that they close at 10 pm but I will be sure to bless l my server $100 for every minute after 10 pm for the trouble,” he tweeted.

So, because he was there for 13 minutes he left a tip of $1,300 on a bill that was $2.12. Service industry workers are being hit the hardest with their wages being slashed because of limited dining options at their restaurants. Also, just this past Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to halt indoor dining as the federal government is still in talks to provide economic relief as millions face financial insecurity.

Chad Johnson/Instagram

Johnson’s tip is a generous way to directly help one restaurant as they face this economic hardship. Many people applauded him for his kind act after he posted a photo of his receipt on Twitter.

“As someone who has always worked in the restaurant business, I seriously thank you for doing this and blessing random employees. Everyone is having a hell of a 2020 and I know you help shine a light during a dark year,” one person tweeted.

Another person said, “very nice gesture! I hope this inspires those who have that kind of money to spread it around if they can! Class move Ocho!”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II