“God Has A Sense Of Humor”—Former Homeless Man Starts Non-Profit To Help Homeless In Atlanta

I Care Atlanta

Anthony Delgado, the founder of a non-profit organization, shared an inspiring story with CNN about how he used to be homeless himself and addicted to crack, but got his life back and began helping homeless people in his community.

Delgado became addicted to drugs after he was left at a train station when he was younger after a disagreement with his cousin. He told CNN, “I did a lot of bad things.”

Anthony was addicted for some time but an experience at a Greyhound station in Atlanta provided a turning point for him to get some help. 

“He wasn’t feeling well. That’s when he says a man and woman came up to him and told him he should go to the VA hospital,” CNN writes, “He followed them, flinging the bus station door open roughly and drawing the attention of some police officers standing outside. The police told him to calm down and he said, “I’m sorry officer, I was just trying to catch that couple going out the door.” But the police said they didn’t see anyone. Others nearby hadn’t seen the couple either, according to Delgado.”

They then go on to explain that after facing a few obstacles, he was able to make it to the hospital and subsequently a rehab program. He told the pastor at the program about the mystery couple and the pastor replied, “Believe it or not, there are angels.”

Soon enough, Delgado was able to land a job and get his life back together. Anthony founded the non-profit organization I Care Atlanta, Inc. in 2008, according to their LinkedIn page. Coincidentally, the building where the organization operates is across the street from the train station he was left at all those years ago.

“God has a sense of humor,” Delgado told CNN.

Anthony and the I Care Atlanta team manage seven employees, has two buildings, 17 freezers and two trucks to carry out their charitable operations. 

He said to CNN, “We all need to help each other. We’re in a bad state right now. We don’t know what’s happening one day to the next … Open your heart. Help your neighbor. Don’t be selfish. This me, me, me attitude is not gonna get us anywhere. It’s just not.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II