Neighborhood Gives UPS Driver An Emotional Thank You Celebration For Going Above And Beyond

Lexi Hanrahan via WTVR CBS News 6

Anthony Gaskin is a beloved UPS delivery driver in Midlothian, Virginia. The people he delivers to decided to show their appreciation for him after he went above and beyond.

Gaskin regularly delivers packages to the Hallsely neighborhood and made sure that people were getting their packages in time for Christmas. One of the neighborhood residents, Patty Friedman, decided to do something nice for Gaskin along with the help of some of the other neighbors.

Lexi Hanrahan via WTVR CBS News 6

“Through COVID, Anthony has continued working, delivering packages at our doors, record numbers of them, over 180 times to date,” Friedman wrote in an email to WTVR, “I wanted to thank him personally for how much he helped me feel welcome when I moved in during a pandemic. It was terribly lonely and he was always the highlight of my day. Mentioning this to a few people and the response I got was all I needed to know I was not alone.”

So on December 15, the neighborhood got together and showed an outpouring of support for their local delivery truck driver.

Lexi Hanrahan via WTVR CBS News 6

Friedman continued in the email, “Arriving on bikes, on foot, and in more than 75 cars, hundreds of Hallsley residents lined the road and waited for Anthony to turn the corner. A humble man, he needed to be coaxed, but eventually, slowly drove his truck down the road while children and adults held up signs, screamed his name, honked their horns, and rang bells.”

More neighbors wrote in about how appreciative they were of his unwavering service to their community.

Lexi Hanrahan via WTVR CBS News 6

One neighbor wrote in a separate email, “Anthony always delivers our packages with a wave and a smile. Sometimes he is the only outside face we see during the day. We appreciate his hard work and dedication during the pandemic, which delivered food, supplies, and even holiday gifts to a high-risk family.”

Another neighbor wrote, “Thank you Anthony for all you do. “My six-year-old daughter hasn’t seen either set of grandparents in over a year. This has been very hard on everyone. Many of the packages you deliver are from them. The joy the packages bring makes it worthwhile. Thank you for always delivering them with a kind smile and a friendly wave!”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II