Anonymous Secret Santa Strikes Again: Former Homeless Man Given A New Smile

Remember the grandma who works at McDonald’s and was gifted a brand-new car by an anonymous Secret Santa in Idaho Falls? Well, he’s done another anonymous good deed for someone in his community.

Alyn was given a new smile by the Secret Santa who got him a brand new pair of dentures. 

He used to be homeless and slept in his truck until he was able to find a temp job at a company within the community. He wasn’t able to afford dental services because he was constantly struggling to make ends meet.

Right as they were offering him a full-time position at the company, Alyn had to get his teeth pulled because he never had the money to get them cleaned or get help whenever there was a problem, subsequently resulting in an infection.

Now, Alyn is given the gift of a smile and was emotional when the new pair of dentures were given to him.

East Idaho News, the same news station that gifted Diana Boldman her new ride, was enlisted for the job of handing Alyn his gift. The anchor, Nate Eaton, met him outside of his place of work to let him know that Secret Santa will be paying for the procedure to get him dentures as well as $3,000 in gift cards to be used at either Sam’s Club or Walmart.

All of his coworkers lined up outside and watched as he received his gifts, cheering him on as Alyn was told of the good news.

While Alyn is a man of few words, he was holding back tears as Eaton explained that all of his dental work would be paid for. Alyn wiped away a tear and said he didn’t know what else to say other than “Thank you.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II