Hot Dog Vendor Donates Kidney To Loyal Customer, Offers Free Hot Dogs For Life To Anyone Who Becomes A Donor

Lullys Food Experience via Vancouver Sun

A Canadian hot dog vendor went above and beyond by not only providing great service but choosing to donate a kidney to one of his customers. Now, he’s offering free hot dogs for life to anyone who becomes a kidney donor.

Owner of Lullys Food Experience in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Skully White has been selling hotdogs to a loyal customer of his named Tim Hiscock for three years before he knew his name, White told Postmedia. He continued, “One day his wife (Cindy Rhyno) called me up and said he had some medical issues and I wasn’t supposed to feed him without her permission.”

Lullys Food Experience via the Vancouver Sun

That’s when he found out that Hiscock had diabetes and suffered from advanced kidney failure. He has been in need of a transplant since last December. So White told Hiscock that if he was a blood match, he would donate his kidney to him.

Rhyno told the Vancouver Sun, “Two days later, Skully contacted us saying that his lab results came back and … Tim could have one of his kidneys.”

On Monday, White was able to do just that for one of his loyal customers and successfully donated his kidney.

After the surgery, White went to Hiscock’s room and spoke with him to see how he was feeling

“He was weak but we chatted for a little bit and eventually I just said, ‘Okay, so apart from the pain that we’re both feeling from being cut open, and the grogginess and everything. How does not being on dialysis and having the kidney feel?’” White told the Vancouver Sun. “And he looked at me with a smile … and he had tears coming down his face. It was the most amazing feeling in the world that I could do this for him.”

Skully then posted on Lully’s official Facebook page, encouraging people to become a kidney donor with an enticing incentive: free foot-long hot dogs for life.

“From December of last year to December of this year, Tim has probably left his couch 25 times. He spends five to six days a week in pain, throwing up, feeling nauseous and barely eating. Now he’ll be able to live,” White said to the Vancouver Sun.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II