Profanity-Filled “Eff 2020” Ad Encourages People To Give This Year The Finger—While Raising Money For A Good Cause

This year sucked. Not only did the world get hit by a deadly pandemic that has claimed the lives of almost two million people, globally. It closed schools, kept people from seeing friends and family and every month, it seemed like a new threat was going to end the world.

In a cathartic new ad, Toronto-based social impact agency Public put out their “Eff 2020” ad that gives the finger to this unforgiving year. But this ad is actually for a good cause and not just to let off steam, Public is raising money for Mental Health Coalition in the United States and the Black Health Alliance in Canada.

The video highlights all of the terrible things that happened this year while people flip the bird.

“As we wrap up this year and head into the next, we invite you to give a big ‘F*ck you’ to 2020,” the first person in the ad says. Everyone else in the ad follows along to lay out their gripes with this year.

“A giant f*ck you to COVID-19,” one person says, “F*ck you for taking my job… I’m sorry, furloughing my job” another person backs up.

They didn’t forget to mention this year’s protests for the Black Lives Matter movement. “F*ck you to all the people in 2020 who said ‘All Lives Matter’” one guy says. “A double f*ck you to the killers of Breonna Taylor,” the person he’s standing with says.

People continue to air out their grievances with their year to the end of the ad. The CEO of Public, Phillip Haid told Fast Company that while this year was terrible in its own right, be sure to make space for some optimism.

“This is why we decided to create a campaign that reflects what many people are feeling and thinking and channel it into a fundraiser for mental health organizations,” Haid told Fast Company, “Both organizations take a collaborative, partnership-based approach to achieve results, something we need more and more of in this world.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II