Sikh Men Made Over 800 Meals To Feed Truck Drivers Stuck At The UK Border

Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend via LADBIBLE

A congregation of Sikh men got together to help out truck drivers by making hundreds of meals for them. The group of men mentioned that they didn’t do it alone, it was more of a “community effort” and they’re ready to make more food if needed.

Many European countries have closed their borders to U.K. citizens after the country was revealed to have a new mutation of the coronavirus that is more transmissible. As a result, truck drivers have been stuck in Dover so the international humanitarian organization, Khalsa Aid, and the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara (the congregation of Sikh men) joined forces to give out 800 meals.

“[Khalsa Aid] got in touch with us just before midday yesterday, asking if we could help with food provisions for the lorry drivers,” Jagdev Singh Virdee, General Secretary at the Gurdwara, told LADBIBLE, “So at the Gurdwara we quickly got together some volunteers, who cooked all the food and packed it within less than three hours.”

He continued, “We also had the National Sikh Police Association, which has members in all police forces, who helped make links with Kent Police for a police escort to actually take the food all the way past the lorries and so on, to where it needed to be. So it was very much an all-round effort between various organizations.”

According to Jagdev, there are around 3,000 drivers stuck on the border and the Khalsa Aid only took about 1,000 meals so he said they were available for more if they need more help.

This isn’t the Gurdwara’s first rodeo in preparing large quantities of food, in fact, they do this quite regularly. Jagdev explained, “At the Gurdwara, we’re fairly well equipped to produce food at a large scale. It’s part of our Langar service — Gurdwaras have a Langar, which is like a community kitchen where everybody cooks and eats together. Everybody’s welcome to join that, and it’s part of this concept of Wand Ke Chakna, which means to share with others who may be in need.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II