Daughter Surprises Mom With A Replica Of The Engagement Ring She Once Sold To Pay Bills

A London mom sold her engagement ring to get money to pay for bills when her kids were young. For Christmas, her kids bought her a replica of the same engagement ring to replace the one she sold many years ago.

Kim Rowell surprised her mom with the new ring on Christmas morning and posted a video of her mom’s emotional reaction to opening the present on Twitter. “My mum had to sell her engagement ring to pay our bills when I was a kid – today we gave her a replacement,” she captioned the video, which now has almost 40,000 likes.

In the video, Rowell’s mom, Denise Terry was shocked when she opened the ring box. “It’s beautiful,” Terry said as she opened the box, “and it’s pretty much exactly the same.” As she tries the ring on, she thanks her daughter saying, “Thank you so much.”

The video resonated with many people who came across it on their timelines. Many left replies, recounting how this reminds them of their own mom.

“’This is beautiful,” one person wrote in the replies, “But most of all, your mum, like so many mums (including mine) is a hero. Many mums up and down the country right now are giving up all they have or treasure for their children. Let’s make sure mums don’t have to do this in the future. Give them dignity.”

Another person wrote, “’Amazing, nice to see a story that really reflects the majority of us normal people, I’m always embarrassed about how lavish people are and feel useless but the things from the heart are the best. Bravo.”

People were also reminded of the sacrifices some of their parents made for them when they were younger. “Tears seeing this. My single mother sold her beloved typewriter (bank prize for opening most new accounts) to pay for my five-year-old birthday and Christmas. What a beautiful thing to do for your mother. So moved on your and her behalf,” someone responded.

“My mum sold a rare Beatles collection she had when I was a kid to make ends meet. It was an [honor] to buy the exact same collection back for her Christmas present around 10 years ago. She cried and said she didn’t deserve it,” another wrote in the replies.

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II