Anonymous Secret Santa Showers Homes With $250 Gift Cards And Poems

Christina Ignacio-Deines and her family via CBC

A Secret Santa in Canada warmed hearts through the cold holiday season. The anonymous gift giver has been going around leaving cards with a poem and a $250 gift card to Walmart in the Alberta province of Canada.

CBC spoke with one of the recipients of a Secret Santa gift, Elisha Tennant, who found the gift sitting at her doorstep and as soon as she opened it, she began to cry. 

“It was just very heartwarming and touching that someone would do that,” Tennant told the CBC, “To have something like this, I mean, that’s a month of groceries for us.”

Christina Ignacio-Deines via CBC

Elisha was laid off because of the pandemic and when she received the anonymous gift, she went to Walmart that same day to use the money. The anonymous gift-giver told the CBC that she was one of 400 houses to get the same gift.

At the bottom of the letter, Secret Santa wrote “Don’t need this? Please bass the baton for that is the way, hope carries on.” When Christina Ignacio-Deines also got the gift, she was able to pass it on.

Because of the pandemic, she is not getting much work as an event planner but her husband’s income has helped them stay afloat. She and her husband donated the gift card to the Bissell Centre, a non-profit organization that is committed to helping people who are poverty-stricken.

Ignacio-Deines told the CBC, “I like the idea that there is somebody out there who just wanted to be generous and to share what they had with other people, regardless of those other peoples’ means.”

The CBC also reached out to the Secret Santa, who asked to remain anonymous and were able to get a reply. They wrote back in an email, “I decided to do it because I know that lots of people have had a really tough year and I had the means to help out. I hope the gifts gave people a sense that the world is good and there is a brighter future not far ahead.”

Moises Mendez II

Written by Moises Mendez II